Monday, November 3, 2008

How to make a one color screenprinting press

If you have ever been interested in printing your own shirt or a design, logo, or funny saying onto a shirt - either for profit or just to do it - then you probably have heard that screenprinting is the best way to do it. Well I have to admit that screenprinting is probably the best way to print any design on fabric, although it is a tedious task to learn. I am writing a series of articles to help teach how to screenprint designs onto a t-shirt, and this one teaches you how to create a one color screenprinting press. Be sure to visit my site at to download the plans.

Download my PDF plans here: Screenprinting_tutorial_onecolorpress.pdf.html

Note: Purchase a 4 – 6 foot 2x4 to get all your 2x4 pieces. 1. Cut the base of your printing press from a piece of plywood. It should measure 24x28in.
Step3Cut the platform of your printing press form a piece of plywood. It should measure 14x16in. The platform will be the section of the press that you put the shirt or fabric to be printed on.

Cut your 4 or 6 foot 2x4 into three pieces. You need to cut a 6inch piece, and two
(2) 14 inch pieces.

Next cut a 14inch piece off your 1x2, and glue it to one of your 14in 2x4 pieces. This will be the hinge rail.

Now we want to paint all of these pieces with spray paint of the polyurethane spray. This will protect your press from ink and stains. Take all of these parts, and lay them out on a table or workbench outside and paint them.

When the pieces are all dry, take your 24x28in base, the two 14in 2x4 pieces, and the one 6in 2x4 piece, and take them to your workbench. Using your carpenter’s glue, secure the two 14inch 2x4’s, and the 6in 2x4 to the platform as shown in FIGURE A on the next page. Be sure to secure the 14in 2x4 with the 14in 1x2 glued to it in the back position of the base. (SEE PLANS FOR REFERENCE)

Once the glue dries, flip the base over, and secure the 2x4’s with wood screws from the bottom. You will now have a small “T” that we will secure the platform to, and a bar for the hinges behind the platform. Take a look at the pictures for reference if you need to.

Secure the Platform to the “T” section using wood screws.

Screw the Jiffy-Hinges into the rail in the back.

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